In addition to portable roadside changeable message signs, we stock a wide variety of sign letters. These letters are essential for changing the message on your sign. Each sign uses a specific type of letter, so be sure to confirm the type you need before ordering a new sign or any replacement letters. Here are a few characteristics of our sign letters.


The size of the letters is dependent on the type of sign you have. If you’re ordering a new sign, think about the ideal letter size for your needs. If visibility from a distance is a priority, 8 inch flexible sign letters will be easier to see than 2 inch letters. If you want to include a lot of wording you can add more space by using condensed sign letters. For replacement letters, you can look at the letters you already have to determine the correct size.


Most of our portable roadside changeable message sign letters come in two colors: black and red. Think about which color goes with your sign, or which one doesn’t; sometimes it’s best to choose a contrasting color that stands out. It’s also common to order sign letters in both colors and use them together on the same sign. You can use black letters for normal text, and red for important information like dates and times. We also carry a few unique letter colors including blue, pink, and purple.


Condensed sign letters and block sign letters are two styles used for changeable message signs. You will not only want to consider how the letters look, but how they fit on your sign. Because condensed letters are tall and narrow, you can fit more copy on your sign than you can with block letters. These letters can also be mixed to emphasize certain words on a sign.


The type of sign letter depends on what kind of sign you have. Flexible letters and rigid letters are not interchangeable. For example, if you have a sign made with Texas track, you will need flexible letters such as 8 inch flexible sign letters. If you’re not sure which type is needed for your sign, we can help you order the correct type.

Once you’re considered these details, you can finally have the perfect letters for your sign. Not sure which letters are best for your portable roadside changeable message sign? Call S&S Signs today. As the sign company that has been in business since 1977, we can use our decades of experience to help you pick the perfect letters to promote your business.