6″ on 6-7/8″ Flexible Sign Letters for Changeable Marquee Signs Condensed Font 250 count set


Condensed Style Letters
6″ Letter on 6-7/8″ Background
Black Letters/Red Numbers

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Condensed Style Flex change letters are the most popular of all flexible plastic letters on the market. These letters are commonly used on flashing outdoor signs, reader board signs, sidewalk signs and marquee signs. The condensed style is narrower in width than the block style so this allows you to get more copy on your sign per line from left to right.
6″ Printed Black Letters/Red Numbers on 6-7/8″ Clear Background plastic 030 thickness
Font Count: 250

12 each of: A E I N R S

10 each of: O T

8 each of: M

6 each of: B C D F G H L P U W Y 0 5

5 each of: 6 9

4 each of: J K Q V X Z 1 2 3 4 7 8

2 each of: % / . * $ !