Model A-7 Special Portable Flashing Arrow Roadside Sign 40″ tall x 8′ long


  • 40″ X 96″ Hi-Impact resistant faces with 4-lines of 8″ copy
  • Black cabinet and arrow
  • Sign is internally lit with 2-8′ hi out fluorescent tubes
  • Steel angle iron frame
  • Painted with a high gloss black enamel
  • Stands are made with 2″ x 2″ square tubing
  • Flashing arrow has unique flashing method controlled by a solid state flasher
  • 1-8″ Condensed 176 count letter set
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This double sided outdoor sign gives you the perfect and affordable way to advertise your business, church, school, or any special event you may plan.

40″ x 8′ Outdoor Flashing Arrow Sign with portable T stands comes with a 176 count box set of 8″ sign letters. The 40″ x 96″ sign is internally lit with 2-8′ Fluorescent hi-output tubes. The double sided reader board features 2 high-impact resistant faces that has 4 lines of 8″ copy per side so you have the maximum copy area with no wasted space. The arrow has 7-60 watt bulbs in it that gives it a unique flashing method to catch your customer’s eye. The sign frame of the sign is made from angle iron steel (unlike other signs on the market) so it has the durability to stand up to the test of time. Comes with 2 strong square tubing T stands. All parts arrive packaged inside the sign itself in order to access these parts you will need to remove the back opposite of cord end and slide the Hi-Impact face out to access them.


2 – 1″X1″X1/8″ Interior frames welded for strength

Black painted sheet metal cabinet (Aluminum Skin option available)

2 – High Impact V-3 resistant faces (white or yellow)

2 – 2″x2″ square tube T-stands

1 – High output ballast

2 – Fluorescent tubes (LED option available)

7 – 11Watt 130 Volt Yellow decorative Incandescent bulbs in the arrow (LED option available)

1 – Solid state flasher that performs a unique flashing method in the arrow

1 – 8″ Condensed 176 count flexible letter set (Black Letters Red Numbers) set breakdown below

  • 10 each of: A E N R S
  • 8 each of: I O T
  • 4 each of: B C D F G H L M P U W Y . – 5 6 7 8 0
  • 3 each of: 6 9
  • 2 each of: J K Q V X Z ! , 1 2 3 4 7 8 $ .

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White, Yellow


Black Painted Sheet Metal, Black Aluminum, Orange Aluminum, White Aluminum, Red Aluminum, Blue Aluminum