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8-INCH ON 8 7/8 BLACK LETTERS RED NUMBERS 3008 inch on 8 7/8 inch flexible outdoor marquee sign letters condensed style 300 count black and red

8″ Flexible Marquee Letters for Outdoor Changeable Signs Condensed Font 8-7/8″ Panel


Condensed style 8 inch flexible letters are narrower than the block style letters. This will allow you to get more copy across the sign face from left to right. Flex letters are the most commonly used plastic letter on the market. These letters are commonly used on flashing outdoor signs, reader board signs, sidewalk signs and marquee signs. The package set comes with an assortment of letters, numbers and symbols to spell out your message. This set is the most complete set on the market.

Package Includes

  • 8″ letters printed on 8 7/8″ clear panel
  • Black Letters/symbols and Red numbers/symbols
  • 300 total count set
  • UV Protected Hi Impact Plastic (Note: Most sellers sell cheaper letters at high cost that are not made with UV protected plastic and the letters will turn brownish or yellowish in color from the UV rays and will get brittle and break in a years time.)